Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This presentation is off a blog i have created for my year 9 students, although time consuming, it is my lack of knowledge towards these technologies that is slowing me down. Slideshare is a great tool for portraying information. Presentation's engage students, by using with examples of their own work they are intrigued to see how it turned out who's looked the best or if they even made the cut for the end presentation. Slideboom gave me the option to transfer my powerpoint effortlessly, the experience creating the powerpoint was simple, but i found Slideboom more user friendly compared to Slideshare.

I had problems with the audio when transferring my link to Slideshare, even using links like Format Factory i could not seem to work it out. I googled other Slideshare sites and worked my way into Slideboom, it offers 100 free presentations for trial use. This is great as you can trial new ideas, upload to the net for collaborative reflections of the presentation, and share it through blogs and social network sites. Although putting all the steps in place is a bit time consuming, clearly the end result is worth it. Thanks for reading,
shaun Morris.


  1. Sorry about the text clarity, i have tried everything to get it normal.. still trying!

  2. Hi Shaun,

    I really enjoyed watching this and the audio was great.
    I learned plenty about making custard, just wish mine would turn out like yours!
    Mine is the one that went in the bin!