Monday, August 10, 2009

Video and learning.

Hey guys,

When i think of video in my schooling i think of the "Round the Twist" t.v series and the half an hour we got to do nothing... Were we engaged? Most definitely, because it was something of interest.

Educational video has been, and still is a central resource for instruction, i can still remember word for word the credits for "Round the Twist". Video presents visual and audio presentation simultaneously, making it easier to reach students who learn through different learning styles. Their is growing research supporting the pedagogical significance to video as a tool in the classroom(Cruse, 2007). Video can be used as a reflective tool, if i strole around practical cooking classes i can record students work ereas to show later on, through class discussion, where they could have been more organised.

Have you ever, ever felt like this..


Shaun Morris

Cruse, E. (2007). Using educational video in the classroom: Theory, research and practice. Wynnewood, PA: Library Video Company. Available:

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