Tuesday, August 11, 2009

File Storage ie; MediaFire.

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MediaFire is a free tool to organise and store files. It can be acccesed anywhere via the net or you can import to embed files to a wide varity of network sites.

This tool allows you to store or access, information relating to topic tasks and associated materials. Media fire is 100% free and can support simultanious up and down loading( podfeed, 2007). Used as basically a hard drive where files can be managed externally, this tool lets you store, manage and access your information anywhere anytime. It is a secure system with options of privacy towards a wide variet of storage uses, photo, literature, PowerPoint's and videos.

Marc Siemens(2004) states that many of the processes previously handled by learning theories (especially in cognitive information processing) can now be off-loaded to, or supported by, technology. Know-how and know-what is being supplemented with know-where (the understanding of where to find knowledge needed).

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Shaun Morris

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