Monday, August 10, 2009


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I love photography and this sight is great for storing, managing and sharing your shots. I generally have used Picasa3 or Picnik for my photo albums and repairs as they has great tools for manipulation and touch ups, but i was very impressed with the choices available within Flickr. Upload to share photos with anybody and take part in discussions on topics, hardware or locations relevant to the photos. If using it to store files or family photos there is a link provided for privacy to keep the un-wanteds out.

Like Picasa or Picnik, you can manipulate shots to suit your style, this is great with students of any age as they are making the rules. Lerner's construct their own learning tools, through downloading photos from around the world that are relevant to the topic being studied or creating story boards, perhaps used with other ICT's ( Slideboom, Voicethread) to further interaction.

Here is a link to a web page, teaching with Flickr, it provides other links to further customise photos, and hints on some uses -

Piaget (Mclnerney, Mclnerney, 2006) states within his theory of constructivism, that knowledge is primarily constructed from our own actions in the process of regulating our interactions with the world.

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Shaun Morris

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