Monday, August 10, 2009

Quizzes on-line!

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My first taste of on-line quizzes were trial tests in semester one, having done a few more since then, i have even integrated them into a educational blogs for my own students. Yeah eLearning!! On-line quizzes provide many obvious advantages to teachers. There self marking and the option of obtaining statistics relating to test results save valuable time. They may choose to make immediate feedback to groups or individuals sitting tests on-line or direct them to related revision questions before hand. Information and results are stored immediately into files for future reference, again saving on organisation time.

I personally think it is a very strong argument to have a lot of assessment in the format of on-line quizzes, as it will enhance the e-learning potential of the learner. Students can access assessment results immediatly, and information can be stored for future reference or revision. Teachers as well as students can quickly and efficiently sort through assessment result relating to topics and different classes. Marc Prensky (2005) believes today’s kids are challenging us, their educators, to engage them at their level, even with the old stuff, the stuff we all claim is so important, that is, the“curriculum.”

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Shaun Morris

Prensky, M. (2005). Engage Me or Enrage Me - What today's learners demand. Retrieved 2nd August 2009, from,

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