Sunday, August 9, 2009


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I have a sense of ease when a PowerPoint presentation is used, as it allows me to interpret the information in my own mind for myself, before or after the presenter explains its purpose.

PowerPoint is a visual tool that can be used to help support and deliver presentations and lessons material. Quite simple to set up, you can up load Mp3, photos, and record voice overs as well as create engaging backgrounds with the tools provided. You can upload them to networking sights or to the net for world wide comments on your creation. Power points can be saved and re-used, you can access it locally for any changes or transfer to use on the web through any USB device. Being based in technology, the pitfalls of this tool is technical difficulties. Crossing programs or using different ICT's can be a drama, so make sure you look into this before your presentation. Piaget(2006) emphasises that learners should be actively engaged to learn, providing visual with audio, stimulates absorption of information, encouraging understandings towards learning outcomes (Costa, 2001).

Using this tool as a presenter can improve communication effectiveness, audiences perception of the presenter and improve the speakers confidence. It is a perfect way to reinforce information.

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Shaun Morris

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