Friday, August 14, 2009

Using music on the web.

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Turn your sound off while sifting through the animation web sites or watch a video clip in the same situation, you will only get half the point if any at all.

Using music with basically anything adds stimulation, in teaching, music can add stimulation towards a task or environment. Incorporated with other teaching skills or presentations (e.g slide share, video, web pages or even, cooking), music can set a mood, create motivation, but above all, it can create interest. Music off the web may be subject to copyright laws and infringements, these laws and regulation are put in place to protect the rights of artists and their written material.

Years ago i jumped out of a perfectly good plane for a birthday, being recorded the whole time. Music was added to the footage and the finished product today still sends shivers down my spine, but, if i watch it without the sound on, it seems to be less exhilarating. We naturally associate music with feelings, today's learners walk around with earphones hanging out of their shirts, music is part of their everyday story board. Art Costa (2001) explains through the habit of mind, Gathering data through all senses, that, learners whose sensory pathways are open, alert, and acute absorb more information from the environment then those whose pathways are immune and oblivious to sensory stimuli.

Music could be used to stimulate and engage learning in vision impaired students, practical classes, through stimulus and response. By repeatedly pairing certain music (e.g classical) with a certain learning environment, students associate the music with the class's learning and behavioral expectation's (Mclnerney, Mclnerney, 2006).

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  1. Hi Shaun,

    I love using music in the classroom and I believe it has far more applications than we realise. I remember the teachers who used music in class when I was a teenager, had calmer classrooms and the kids were really interested to know what music their teachers listened to.
    I had a history teacher who loved Supertramp and he would play it all the time. He was a super conservative man though and left us to become a priest!



  2. Mia, wow!! great story..
    I listen to classical music while im on the computer, crazy as it sounds i really enjoy it. Its a bit of an emotional rollarcoaster at times but it works, not that im referencing, but Costa believes it improves spatial reasoning.. i tend to agree.

    Im still having a chuckle about supertramp..!!
    All the best,