Friday, August 14, 2009


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Voice thread is a collaborative multimedia slide show, used to create digital storyboards. These are a engaging and interacting tool for learners to share and display information that can then be showcased and used as a discussion board around the world (Voicethread,2009). Teachers can upload files images, audio and video to the site to create customised learning experiences, perhaps tailored to specific need students.

Using Voicethread in conjunction with a class in another country, students could feel as though they are in a actual collaborative environment. Learners can incorporate their discussions towards the task and then onto social pages, for a wider scope again on topic discussion. For example, if delivering a practical cooking class i could record the lesson live using a web cam, a class in another state who were studding the theory of the method involved, could collaboratively comment on our progress. This creates cognitive learning through visual examples while providing engaged feedback for the prac students. This is key to affective instruction, for establishing positive perceptions for learning outcomes (Marzano, Pickering, 2006).

To find out more on Voicethreed follow this link,

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Shaun Morris

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  1. Hey Shaun,

    I would have to agree. Along with WebQuest, VoiceThread is one of my favourite web based learning tool. Distance education came to mind when I was thinking how I would use VoiceThread.
    Talk soon

  2. Hi Shaun,
    Your so right voice threads provide students with the opportunity to engage and participate in collaboration activities with their peers not to mention how fun it is.
    Using voice threads for distance education is a great idea i had never thought of this, I would just provide those students with so many opportunities, and provide them with rich and authentic tasks. This technology could also intrinsically motivate students, because they feel like they are in a classroom with other students amazing.
    You have some really great ideas, nice work

  3. Hi sarah, like i said this tool really grabbed me, the idea came to me as i was reading a blog of Tony Middleton's, im following him through this course, he states how usefull it would be as a fire fighting training tool. That just indicates how versitile this application can be, thanks for the comment.