Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Web Quest,

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I can see the relevance of using this tool for linking information in a organised manner, webquest provides great opportunities for collaborative learning towards tasks. This tool allows learners to construct their own path for learning through simple interactive pages. This will also encourage students who don't have access to computers at home to build confidence towards technologies. Piaget believes that children construct their own tools for understanding and discovering the world (Mclnerney, Mclnerney, 2006).

There are many base templates available on the net for Webquest, they are worth looking into for specific class topics, this link provides some good examples, http://www.teachersfirst.com/webquest.htm

Web Quest programs are well structured for understanding and portraying learnt knowledge. Linking this program to my limited experiences in class is difficult, as it is based around learners having continual access to computers. If their is not more then one computer to the class (in my case), the learning manager would have to organise a system or roster for access to the computer, or relocate some lessons to the library for greater opportunities for research combining literature with web access.

Seems time consuming in this circumstance, thanks for reading.

Shaun Morris

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