Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learning Management Systems... (LMS)

Hello to you all,

Honestly, i had never even heard of something like this, looking into it i have discovered i am actually involved in a few of them. Blackboard for 1, the amazing (LMS) that houses all that information that is deemed critical to us by CQU. Learning Management systems, structure content for more manageable for users eg. teachers collaboratively working over different campuses as well as students of different courses accessing the same requirements.

LMS provide a great base to hold information, and to provide it in a structured manner. Seen as a delivery or housing tool, e.g blackboard, is very user friendly and provides a wealth of information supplied by CQU for the use of students as well as links to task or topic related material.Siemens (2004) writes that teaching knowledge/comprehension-based subjects benefit from a structured approach, they are more effective if the content that is highly structured.

In my limited time using these systems, i think they are fantastic to work with, reading Siemens (2004) article on Learning Management Systems has widen my thoughts of possibilities and makes me look forward to what will be possible within them if orientated more around personal needs.

A LMS could be used as a structured community of your personal experiences, thoughts, and could hold all your information and files in one manageable area, like a extensive on-line resume?

what do you think?

Shaun Morris

Siemens,G.(2004)Learning Management Systems:The wrong place to start learning, Retrieved, 29th July, 2009,

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